Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tagged Again!

I was tagged by Eliza.

6 Random things about me:

1.)  I have a heavy addiction to Altiods.  I have a special pattern the way I open the box, inspect the altoids and eat the mints.  Each time I open a new Altoid box I do the same exact ritual everytime.  I "pack" the mints, them i shake the box three times, I check to see if any altoids are "lined up" and I  only eat odd amount of numbers...1,3,5 etc.  I go through at least 12 boxes a week.   

2.)  I can't go to bed without writing in my journal.  I have kept a journal off and on since I was 8.  I have sooo many journals from different times in my life, some finished other halfway.  Each night before I go to bed I wirte in my journal.  I don't just write about my day or what is going on, I write down all of my creative ideas or random thoughts or questions.  Sometimes I write about my dreams and future kids names.  

3.)  Most of you who know my family know how obsessed we are with Disneyland.  I am almost as obsessed with Disneyland as I am with the altoids.  I can tell you where every bathroom is in both parks (Disneyland and California Adventure)  I can name every ride in every section of the parks.  Like clock work, everytime I see a Disney commercial I tear up...Bobby thinks it is pathetic.

4.)  I won't and will never drink out of plactic cups or use plastic silverware.  When I was younger we didn't have a dishwasher so my mom would wash all of our dishes by hand, well there were times she would get "soap happy" and everything would taste like soap.  No joke, I haven't drank out of a plastic cup since 7th grade!!! ( The funny thing is, my whole family caught on to it too!)

5.)  I have had 10 dogs and 4 cats in my life.  Now that's not too bad until you find out 6 of those dogs and all of the cats i got in the last...uhhh, 3 years!  don't worry I didn't kill them, they all found loving families.  It was a problem for a while.  ( Kinda like the Altoid and Disneyland thing)

6.)  I used to want to be a Sniper when I was younger.  i had that dream until i met Bobby.  He told me women couldn't be snpers because they get too emotionally involved.  He told me he wouldn't date anyone who wanted to have a death sentence so i gave it up...and became a housewife instead!  

Now I Tag...Mom, Jan, Teryn, and Kelly.


Blogger Caleen said...

I will say an 'AMEN' to all that!!
You have never been boring Brooke!!
Love you! Now that I've been tagged I will have to think of something to say! I am really boring...

October 25, 2008 at 3:28 PM  
Blogger The Millers said...

No joke, I REMEMBER when you used to say you wanted to be a sniper! haha. Funny stuff!

November 3, 2008 at 8:55 PM  

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