Friday, March 27, 2009

The surgery date changed to April 13th


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Answer to our Prayers!!!

The Date is set April 16th Parker will be receiving bilateral Cochlear Implants!!!

We are so excited!  Yesterday at his appt in Oakland they gave us the good news.  Words can't explain how happy we are.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Babblin Brooke??

I haven't been as babbly as usual...WEIRD IKNOW! 
I need to update a little bit.  

Hmmm... I bet everyone is wondering about Mr. Parker and his Cochlear Implants.  He is on his way to getting the surgery.  We were dealing with alot of complications with our insurance company... BLAH!! We transferred to a different hospital and new surgical team (only for the third time!) It is in Oakland, which is about an hour drive from us. We meet with them about every two weeks.  They recently switched surgeons and it takes a new surgeon about 3 months to be certified with this certain hosptial.  His surgery date isn't exact but MAY is the month for sure!!!  We are so excited. Everyone asks me what Cochlear Implants look like so I will attach some pictures of them.

 Parker now knows 45 signs, and is catching on very fast.  Even though he woun't be using sign very much after his surgery it is a good way to communicate now.

Mr. Parker also has a little (BIG) thing we call Vertigo.  We are still looking into it and trying to cancel out some other options.  He has had 3 veritgo "spells", they are very scary to witness.  When they happen Parker goes into shock, loses balance, faints, lays down and won't move for 36 hours (no joke) and vomits everywhere (no joke again).  Bobby and I feel so hopeless when this happends, but we do know that when he gets his surgery it can go away. 

Life is definatly not simple in my family but it sure is interesting.