Monday, August 25, 2008

More Pictures...

The dress that didn't fit.

While I was getting ready for church yesterday I could tell I was feeling depressed. So I decided I would wear my favorite dress so it could cheer me up a little. I go into my closet and put it on, well I tried to put it on but it would go past my enormous boobs. It got stuck and Bobby had to cut it off!! I just sat and cried. I have been trying so hard to lose weight. I work out at the gym 4 times a week and I don't eat too bad. I have never had that happen to me before! So instead of feeling better I felt 100 times worse.

Bobby knew I was having a hard time lately so he told me to get some clothes on and get in the car. So we just started driving and we talked about alot. We ended up in San Francisco. Its about an 1 1/2 away from where we live. We just walked around and Bobby tried to make me laugh every chance he could get. Just the fresh air was helping me. We sat and people watched for ever. (I love watching people) Parker saw Sea Lions and loved the eye candy. Then we drove to Half Moon Bay which is 30 minutes south of San Francisco. It is gorgeous there. We sat on the beach for about an hour. Parker loves the sand, when we left he cried.

It turned out to be an awesome day. Bobby and I had a chance to talk alot and he made me open up about things that have been bothering me. I love him for that. He is such a great listener(something I lack). I am very grateful to have a husband who understands me and knows when I need a little break from life.

Monday, August 18, 2008

What makes me Smile!

There is a story behind this face. In High School Bobby and his friend used to make this face called "The Ugly Face" Bobby tried to teach that face to Parker.

My Little Vampire!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Parker's World

I have come to realize that I will never fully understand what goes on in a "silent world" But what I have noticed is that everything is much more simple. Entertaining him is still a mystery to me. Yesterday he played with a curtain rod for an hour! He also lines up all of his toys. I re-organized his room and took out all of his toys, he grabbed all of the Elmos and lined them up in his tent. He is happy doing...nothing! I envy that about him. Not having a worry in the world , besides which binkie he should choose! (It is a daily struggle, he holds one in his mouth done in his hand and switches every minute or so!) His silence has taught me the Joy of Sounds!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The new addition to my face!

About a week ago I went to go get my eyes checked because I could tell my vision was getting worse. The doctor asked me if I had ever had my eyes checked, I told him that the only time I did was at the DMV and I failed twice than cheated the third try. He laughed and did some tests on my eyes. He asked me again, "Are you sure you have never had your eyes checked by a doctor?" I said again slowly, "Yeesss, I am 100% sure I haven't." He told me I should have been wearing glasses for a while now. That I was pretty dang blind! I knew I was, but nobody ever believed me! Shame on them! when I came out of the doctors office Bobby was waiting in the lobby and he looked at me and said, " I told you nothing was wrong with your eyes...your such a hypochondriac." I laughed while the doctor was explaining to him that I WAS
and should have seen him a long time ago! Hopefully he will believe me from now on! So are my bottle caps!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

To HEAR or Not to HEAR...That is the question!

Parker saw another Audiologist yesterday to fit him for new ear molds. We are getting closer and closer to getting the Cochlear Implant! Well thats if insurance doesn't stop us! We are having more difficulties with stupid insurance! We are having to change ALL of his doctors again! This is the third time this has happened. Turns out the "branch" of insurance we have been using and all of the wonderful doctors and cochlear implant specialists weren't being covered! The insurance company were the ones who referred us to these doctors!!! So frustrating. Now we are trying to stay with the same "team" we have come up with.

Anyways... Parker has been wearing his hearing aids 24/7 like we were instructed. He doesn't mind them, but certainly doesn't love them. Any chance he gets to yank them out...he does! He doesn't "hear" anything with the hearing aids. The reason he has to wear them is because the do stimulate his auditory nerve, which will help when he gets the implant. Also, he has to wear the for insurance purposes. We have to "prove" to them that he isn't benefiting anything from them. Again...stupid insurance!! Here are some pictures of him with his hearing aids or what I like to call them his "jewelry".

Bunko Night!

A few girls in my ward started Bunko Night. We do it once a month and each take turns hosting. I get to host in December (my favorite month) It was an 80's theme and very fun! At first I started out with bad luck, but things changed and I ended up at the winning table and won! I got a 10$ gift certificate to a frozen yogurt shop. It was great to get out of the house and PARTAYYYY!! Good Times!