Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I was having "Tag" Nightmares!

Before I couldn't find the bed...no joke!

Parker is into this new thing where he pulls out EVERY toy in his room and EVERY peice of clothing he has and spreads it around his room....not fun!

You can actually see the shelves now...oh parker!

Stacey I hope you are proud....

I even did Bobbys side!

After being "tagged" the other day I had cleaning nightmares! Seriously, My house was a disaster! Having to take pictures without cleaning up caught me off guard. The solution...organize the entire house!!! Crazy...I know, but I did it! I organized Parkers Room, my closet (big job), my room, my bathroom, the guest bathroom, the kitchen, the hallway closet and the living room! Here are some pictures to prove it. I should have taken before and after pictures!

Oh, yesterday for family night we went to Barnes and Noble. I got sTORI Telling by Tori Spelling (Love Love her) Anywho, my sister read her book and told me that Tori and I were alot alike. Bobby had said that to me before (We watch there reality show) but after reading her book, it is kinda creepy how much alike we are. (oh i finished the book today around 3pm) On to the next book...

Back to my organization skills....

O 2 B Young!

He loves his Mickey Mouse.

I knew he was buttering me up for something, two minutes after I took this picture he pulled out all of the wipes and draped them all around the living room.

How can you resist that face!

He knows how to work it!

This is the " Uhhh i didn't do anything" face.

Parker is so adventurous and active he is constantley getting hurt. He is such a tough kid. Today he ran into the wall trying to run away from "The Monster"...Me. He didn't cry or whine until he saw Bobby. I had to take a picture, he looked too cute.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I love Tag!

So, I was tagged! I love these tags they are so fun. I have to say this one was very difficult not to straighten up anything...you will see!! Sorry Mom, I know you taught me better!

**You have to take pictures of certain things, just as they are, right now, no straightening up or anything.**

1. Kitchen Sink

Not too bad. I have to admit I just started doing the dishes about 6 months ago! Bobby always did them. They gross me out!

2. Toilet

Not anything special. Oh, but I do love cleaning bathrooms! No Joke! Weird, I know!

3. Laundry Room

I actually don't mind doing laundry...I just hate folding clothes!!

4. Fridge

Taking this picture reminded we forgot to go grocery shopping so I just sent Bobby to the store! Thanks Babe!

5. What is your Spouse/Kids doing?

As you can see, Bobby is getting his weekly fix playing XBOX.

So as you can see it was Parkers Bedtime when I took this picture...the funny thing is when I went to take it his room was pitch black, I pointed the camera where i thought his crib was and snapped this! I got lucky...although the bad part was the flash woke him up!

6. Favorite Shoes

Love my boots, green flats, black peep wedges, and my running shoes!

7. Favorite Room

I love my front room. I love the Blue/Green paint color, I love the fireplace, I love all of my family pictures and I love my couches! ( The picture with Parker in it was taken earlier today)

8.Dream Vacation
Well, I loveeeddd Hawaii and I looovvveee Disneyland! If I had to pick a place I have never been I would have to say Machu Picchu or Japan.

9. Closet

As you can see I hate folding clothes and hanging them up! I am working on it! Eliza I need you to come over and help me organize!!! Ha! Oh and If you notice I didn't take a picture of the whole closet because it would embarrass my family and Bobby told me not to.

10. Self Portrait

This one was very hard for me to take! But I followed the rules...horrible!


Friday, September 26, 2008

To be Continued!

I haven't blogged in a while, depressing! My camera is dead and I cant find the battery charger..I will today I swear. I know I was tagged and I am going to do it when I get my camera charged. I just wanted to write a little note explaining that so I didn't seem rude. I will post a good post soon! Swear!

Monday, September 8, 2008

My little Mer-Man.

Every Sunday during Parkers nap, Bobby and I always spend time together. We usually watch a movie, or play a game or just talk. Yesterday he agreed he would watch My Best Friends Wedding with me. We were cuddling on the couch and about halfway through the movie, and I was thinking it was going pretty good. Then he moved down on the ground, I lost myself in the movie and this is what I found during the commercial break....

So that thing he is wrapped in is our rug!!! HaHa! I seriously almost peed my pants when I saw him, I could barely take the pictures. When he woke up I showed him the pictures and he about died laughing too. He didn't even remember falling asleep, let alone wrapping himself in the rug!! Too funny!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Parker's First Haircut.

Last Friday Parker and I got our hair done. Finally! I needed to dye and cut my hair bad! Parker got his first haircut! He was so interested in what Jamie (My Sister-in-Law) was doing.

We were in Fresno for about 5 days. My sister-in-law Megan was having a baby shower, so we came down. We got to visit family and everyone got to see him walking. It was alot of fun. We came home Sunday night, but left Parker in Fresno with my mom. He will be there until Friday. Bobby and I miss him so much, but he is having so much fun.