Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh Brooke,
It's ok to come out of hiding.
Push your way through those dark stormy clouds,
things are getting better.
Soon your days will be full of happiness and hope.
Lets not be afraid.
Don't run.

Don't run from our past.
Don't run from fear.
Please, don't run from love.

Brooke, I know things get tough.
You're strong, so be strong.
Ask for help.
You are NEVER alone.

Embrace these choices you've made.
Step it up.
If not for you, for Parkie.
He needs us.
Now not later.

Lets remember why you are here.
Never forget it.
People need you.
You need yourself.

Oh. Brooke.
Learn to love yourself.
Again, do it for Parkie.
It's ok to take off the mask.
We love you...for you.