Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Today is Parkie's Day.

at 1:00pm
he will hear for the first time.
(cross my fingers)


I will update everyone as soon as we get home!


Saturday, June 27, 2009

hot tea.

It's here!
A Mad Tea Party fit for a queen!
Hosted by the lovely Vanessa

I wish I could play all day but you see
some special visitors decided to surprise me!

I indeed celebrated, but in a different way...
In 105 degree heat we must have a Mad Tea Pool Party!

We swam in cool raspberry lemonade.
Chowed on ice cream sundaes.
Played 3 rounds of fish outta water.

Parkie won.

The celebration will continue late in the night.
Wish all of you could join the festivities!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Oh. Boy.
it's hot.
i wouldn't love this heat so much
if i didn't have a...
whoop. whoop.

Parkie and I think it's quite ahmahzing!
today. we were water babies.
my toes and fingers are forever wrinkly.

the Smell of sun screen.
crispy hair.

i luff summa!

Apparently, Parkie is shooting me. lol.
what do you see in these whispy clouds?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I tried to stay away, I really did.
I became my own stalker!
Most def. learned I am my own worst critic.
Got over myself and moved on.

I think Parkie was missing our adventures too.
So I am back. For good.
Don't ever let me leave again!

I have so many fantabulous ideas!


Today I start my Etsy Creations.

Now I need a "store" name.
any suggestions?

I need to thank some wonderful people
who gave me purtiful awards.

First off Thank You:
My dear Alicia

For all you Ryan Reynolds fans, I warn you now.
KLaw will bring the hammer down!
She Hearts him very much.

Umm. If you want to piddle in your pants.
Alicia's Blog is def a great stop. :)

I now award:



A BIG Thank You to Miss Aubrey

What an ah-mah-zing award!
I'm a blog buddy!!

I Award:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

cricket. cricket.

For once in my life I have no words.

no thoughts...
no creativity...

It scares me and I'm feeling a little lost.


I'm going to take a break from the blogging world.
Maybe for a week, Maybe longer.

I will leave you with some Puzzles from Wonderland.

Dreaming of apples on a wall,
And dreaming often, dear,
I dreamed that, If I counted all,
-How many would appear?

What is most like a bee in May?
"Well, let me think: perhaps-" you say.
Bravo! You're guessing well to-day!

I will give you the answers when I return.

Last but not least here are some pictures
of what I found Parkie doing this morning.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

another adventure.

It started and ended with a Watermelon.

Oh how that royally round fruits shape reminded me
of a dear friend Parkie and I met on one of our adventures....

Lunch is always served at the same time everyday.
When things get off schedule mad things happen.
On this particular day, mad things happened indeed.

I don't quite recall how we got to that magical place.
The first memory that comes to mind is a Queen.

She introduced herself to Parkie and I as Lady Hortensia Queen of Toad Flax.
Aw. We were in Toad Flax. Toad Flax?

Anyway, Lady Hortensia was an odd women... Err I mean "Queen".

Instead of walking and talking forward, she walked and talked backward.
Curiosity killed that Cat so I didn't dare question her speech,
who knows how she would have reacted.

Luckily, in Toad Flax when one speaks the words flow from your mouth like a book.
Instead of having to listen to her speak I could read her words.
I gently asked for a mirror so I could read the reflection.
Out came:
"nI daoT xalF ereht sevil a koobyrots ytirbelec uoy tsum teem, I wonk uoy evah draeh fo typmuH ytpmuD. mA I tcerroc?

In the mirror I read, "In Toad Flax there lives a storybook celebrity you must meet,
I know you have heard of Humpty Dumpty. Am I correct?"
Interested I was.

So she kindly gave us directions and politely apologized for not being able to travel with us.
I didn't mind I had a migraine from her words anyway.

So on we went, not really knowing where we were or where we were going.
A couple yards in front of us stood a frog (or what I thought was a frog)
I mistakenly took him for the Frog Prince, for he looked like a frog and he had a crown on.
He wouldn't give us further directions until I addressed him by his true name...
Germander King of the Toads.
He was a very snobby fellow, I was very glad to leave his presence.
Before we frolicked off to find our storybook celebrity, Parker double dared me to kiss the toad.
Oh how he forgets I kiss one everyday. :)

We finally fell our eyes upon Mr. Humpty Dumpty himself.
He began telling us his story about how he came to be so breakable.
Poor egg. I just kept playing his sad story over and over.
Being put back together all over again.
and again.
and again.
Never to feel the same.
Then I thought a horrible thought....

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall...

and he never got back up.

What if no one could put him back together again??

What a dreaded thought.
I quickly erased it from my mind.
I do think he thinks of that day often, but I have a feeling his story will be around

It was a very entertaining adventure, one Parkie and I will never forget.

I often think of my friends from Toad Flax.

Everytime I look in a mirror I see a glimpse of
Lady Hortensia's crown and confusing words in the reflection.

When I see warty Toads hopping past my driveway,
Germander's snobby self comes to mind.

Last but not least when I fry my morning eggs or eat a lopsided watermelon
I think of Mr. Humpty Dumpty and his fragile self.

I started and ended with a Watermelon.

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home2. (Parkie's Room)

What's a mini tour of the new place without a view of Parkie's Room??


Here is what I have put together so far.


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Monday, June 15, 2009


I am now a Cul-de-sac livin, backyard playin Mom.


Am I supposed to wear a floral apron now?

Good weird.

Meet my new home.

"Alice in Wonderland" inspired wall.

Family picture wall
Disclaimer: NOT FINISHED

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The Chaos is slowing down.

My hands ache.
Legs are mush.

So worth it!!

Every box is unpacked.
Almost every piece of decor is in place.
Walls, painted.

Feels so good to be settled into our new home. :)
Parker has spent every waking moment in the backyard.
Yesterday he followed a couple ants around for an hour. lol.


(I will post pictures later.)


Friday, June 12, 2009


Happy Birthday to Parker!

I can't believe 2 years ago today, I gave birth to a beautiful 6lbs 11oz baby boy.
Where has time gone?
Didn't he just learn how to walk?
I now officially have a toddler.
Oh Boy!

These past years with Parkie have been very eventful.
Our family has grown a very special bond.
He helped me come back to life.

We will be celebrating Parker's Birthday in 3 parts:

1. A small celebration today that include Balloons, Mr. Potato Head and a cupcake,
2. Next week, when things die down a bit we will have a housewarming/birthday with friends.
3. In July(hopefully) we will be going big, with a Hearing/Birthday Party with family and friends.

I am so thrilled that I am able to watch my little man grow up.
Hopefully not to soon.
(Insert Tears)

I love you my Parkie!

It all began with a belly.
(9 mos prego)

He will always be my "Old man gummy"

3 mos.

(4 mos)

"The Face"

1st Birthday

(1yr 10mos)

Have an Enchanting weekend!

I know I will! Moving.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I've been tagged by someone with the best name ever! (Brooke)
Hop on over to her blog , total cuteness!

1. open your first photo folder
2. now scroll to the tenth photo
3. post that photo and story on your blog
4. tag five friends to do the same

Meet Stacey the best 3rd sister ever!

So. I grew up in Clovis, Ca " The gateway to the Sierra's" lol.
The Hubs and I moved up here to Rocklin about a year ago.
That means we had to leave our family behind.
(Tear Tear)
In this particular picture, Stacey came up tom visit me! Woo!
Hm, and when we get together we get crazy silly.
So at about 2am I decided I wanted to dye my hair dark.
(Naturally Blonde)
Whats a sister gunna do?
We drove to Rite Aide and got a box dye.
Crazy. Period.
Stacey is my GoTo girl.
She is always there when I need her.
My "Mother-Hubbard"
Stacey knows every dark part of me.
She has held and cried with me many times.
She has been there to watch Parkie be born.
(Poor Girl)
She is my rock and I don't know what I would do without her.

Dang. Now my eyes are sweating. Boo.

I tag.


...and the award goes to Me!

So my lovely friend (more like partner in crime)
It Aint Easy Being Cheesy so kindly gave me this award.

Go take a peek at her blog, complete with:
Pog Tornaments, Cupcakes your gunna wish you could eat off the screen,
Beautiful kids and laughter. :)

Here are the rules:
-tell everyone 10 things about you they may not know, but are true
-tag 5 bloggers with the award

and we begin.

1. I got married 3 weeks out of High School. :)
2. I turn all of my shampoo, lotion,perfume etc bottles facing forward so they don't get lonely.
3. I have a photographic memory, I see it once I will always remember it.
4. I am a big daredevil. (My medical bills prove it.)
5. I have to eat 3 altoids or more at a time. Hi, my name is Brooke and I am an Altoidaholic.
6. I did a standing tuck 3 days after having Parker. Idiot. Ha.
7. I wanted to be a Sniper but Bobby told me women couldn't do it cause they are too emotional!
8. I get into trouble speakingmy mind and not having boundaries. Working on it. :)
9. When I go to someones house I always picture how it should be decorated.
10. Always count my steps.

I pick:

Brooke @ Oofa Luffa Le
Aubrey @ Made You Blush
Carolyn @ TeamBoo

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Simple Question...

What was I thinking??

Moving... Ugh.

Packing... Double Ugh!

Now I'm talking to myself.
Just send me to the room with the white padded walls now!

The more I pack the messier my house looks.
Parker thinks "Fragile" marked boxes are fun to jump on! Woo.
"Parker, looks like your recovering fast, so make yourself useful and hand me the tape!"
Why do I own 5 sets of napkin rings?
"Parker pick out three toys that's all were taking to the new house, we'll donate the rest."
I think there is something living under my bed.
Visious dust bunnies.

Ok, now I'm spinning.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Here is a quick peek into a series of paintings I am doing.


Parkie are you in there?

I wasn't going to put these pictures of Parker up because they are hard for me to look at, but all of you have been such great support to my family and I that I felt I needed to share his recovering process.

Meet Parker... I think?

Due to swelling my baby has changed. A lot. (Granted in a few weeks he will be back to normal but it is still different.)

His poor head has doubled in size. (maybe that means his brain has grown which therefore means he is getting smarter?)

His precious little "decoration" of ears (we call them decorations because that's what they are to him... no purpose) are an inch lower than normal. (more swelling)

O that smile that makes me melt, won't turn up.

He had his head drilled into 3 days ago and he is still beautiful, maybe a little different but he is still mine.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Here we are, the journey has officially started!

I wanted to give everyone an Update on Parker.
I will post more later, we are all so exhausted.

Parker's surgery went Fantabulous!

Luckily we got discharged early! Thank the Lord! Parker is handling this "change" very well. A little better than I am. He is very swollen, and doesn't quite look like my child yet. But I have to say the swelling brought back those luscious cheeks.

Our surgeon told us when we got home to take off his bandages... uhhh kinda creepy. I thought Bobby was going to pass out on me. Parker took it for the team though and ripped them off before we could. So thoughtful right? Lol.

He seriously was such a good sport, never cried once. He is way better than I am cause I would be milking the attention! Also, right before we left the hospital they had to make sure he could walk... guess what he did?? He pranced and danced all over the nurses station. Ha!

(June 30th is the day he gets the implants activated! I will post some videos of him once I edit them.)