Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tagged Again!

I was tagged by Eliza.

6 Random things about me:

1.)  I have a heavy addiction to Altiods.  I have a special pattern the way I open the box, inspect the altoids and eat the mints.  Each time I open a new Altoid box I do the same exact ritual everytime.  I "pack" the mints, them i shake the box three times, I check to see if any altoids are "lined up" and I  only eat odd amount of numbers...1,3,5 etc.  I go through at least 12 boxes a week.   

2.)  I can't go to bed without writing in my journal.  I have kept a journal off and on since I was 8.  I have sooo many journals from different times in my life, some finished other halfway.  Each night before I go to bed I wirte in my journal.  I don't just write about my day or what is going on, I write down all of my creative ideas or random thoughts or questions.  Sometimes I write about my dreams and future kids names.  

3.)  Most of you who know my family know how obsessed we are with Disneyland.  I am almost as obsessed with Disneyland as I am with the altoids.  I can tell you where every bathroom is in both parks (Disneyland and California Adventure)  I can name every ride in every section of the parks.  Like clock work, everytime I see a Disney commercial I tear up...Bobby thinks it is pathetic.

4.)  I won't and will never drink out of plactic cups or use plastic silverware.  When I was younger we didn't have a dishwasher so my mom would wash all of our dishes by hand, well there were times she would get "soap happy" and everything would taste like soap.  No joke, I haven't drank out of a plastic cup since 7th grade!!! ( The funny thing is, my whole family caught on to it too!)

5.)  I have had 10 dogs and 4 cats in my life.  Now that's not too bad until you find out 6 of those dogs and all of the cats i got in the last...uhhh, 3 years!  don't worry I didn't kill them, they all found loving families.  It was a problem for a while.  ( Kinda like the Altoid and Disneyland thing)

6.)  I used to want to be a Sniper when I was younger.  i had that dream until i met Bobby.  He told me women couldn't be snpers because they get too emotionally involved.  He told me he wouldn't date anyone who wanted to have a death sentence so i gave it up...and became a housewife instead!  

Now I Tag...Mom, Jan, Teryn, and Kelly.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pumpkin Patch and Fashion Show


Last week I was able to go to the Pumkin Patch with bobby and Parker.  It was really cute.  It is called Bishops Farm.  they had so many activities and events going on and so many yummy baked goods.  We bought some pumpkins, salad dressings, and a pie.  Parker brought home alot of leaves.  He was fasinated by them.  We had alot of fun and will hopefullay go again.

I also got to wach my friend Eliza in a Fashion show.  I went with her to get ready and tried to calm her nerves down.  She did really good.  The theme was different decades, she was the 60's and looked just like "Twiggy". She looked hot and looked amazing! The fashion show was at a club in downtown Sacramento...lets just say I felt like a fish out of water!