Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why Hellloooo...

I'd like to introduce my new pieces.

All were created after the "Big" transition.

This has where my mind has been.
This is where I've left my heart.
This is where I began healing.
In each painting.

Each piece is so different and has a unique meaning.
Some full of pain, some grief,
some hope, some love.

I have become completely vulnerable with my art.
I don't plan or think.
I paint exactly what I feel in the moment.

I have some great opportunities coming soon.
I am so stoked and will fill all of you in
when I get more info.

Enjoy my Loves!

*If anyone is interested in purchasing a painting please contact me
Via Email:

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

little brothers make me smile.

Meet Ryan.
My little brother.

Parker is a big fan of Ryan.
He said his name for the first time on Sunday.
It was adorable.
Ryan is an awesome uncle to Parkie.
They have a very strong bond.
I have a feeling they always will.

I've uploaded a few videos of
him before but I never get sick
of hearing him sing.
Neither does Parkie.

Sooo.... enjoy the sounds of a 14 year old uncle.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

back to simple.


How I've missed all of you so much.
I wish I had the strength to explain things earlier.
It took me awhile.

Where have I been?! Really?!

Six months ago I moved in with my parents.
Just Parker and I.
The word I never thought Id live through...
So complicated.
I don't know why things happen...
I now understand sometimes
there is no explanation.

I am growing.
I am learning.
I am becoming stronger.

Changes are beginning.
New adventures are blossoming.
I am happy.
Genuinely happy.

Parker is doing fabulous!!!!!
He is learning everyday.

He knows how to...
locate sound.
mimic noises.

He says...
Bye Bye.
Ryan. (my brother)

He is so incredibly smart. I will update on him more soon.
Maybe even a video.

Well my friends.
I am so sorry I deserted you.
Truly. I am.

Its all about simple now.
Simple thoughts.
Simple feelings.
Simple actions.


Well, an Alice of course. ;)

A few pics from our trip to Disneyland in Dec.

The Siblings and Mr. Parkie. He was in heaven.

Signing Train.

So excited to be in our little heaven we call Disney.

I don't think words can really explain
the excitement in this picture.
I was tweeking.