Sunday, October 18, 2009


Meet my latest creations...
They've made me very happy.
( Note: These pictures do not do them any justice....really)
"Beautiful Chaos"
20 x 16 Canvas

9 x 12 Hard Canvas

11 x 14 Hard Canvas
" Over Growth"
9 x 12 Hard Canvas

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I can't upload the other Utah pictures.
Technical difficulties.
Suck. :(
So. I cut my hair
After getting out of the shower one day,
I was admiring my beautiful spilt ends...
had a manic moment...
grabbed scissors...
It was glorious.
I now have split end free hair.
Its shorter, yes...short hair isn't sexy...
but I will take "cute" for now.
Ps. Parkie and I went on an "Adventure"....
Oh. Happy. Day.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


So I have three sisters.
Lauren(20) Stacey(19) Jenni(17)
We are very close.
We decided to take a road trip.
A 13 hour road trip!
Utah or bust!
Our Adventure 4am.
I was the first to drive. Woo!
Oh Caffeine, how I love thee!
Luckily Stacey stayed up with me
We danced from Fresno to Barstow.
I think this was an inspired trip.
I never thought we could possibly become closer.
We bonded. Alot. We fought. Often.
But, each fight ended in tears and sorry's.
It was kinda beautiful.
I love my sisters to my core.
They make me, Me.
My sisters aren't afraid to tell me how it is,
They aren't afraid to cuddle me when I'm down,
I am their biggest fan.
I need them.
I feel rejuvenated.
More about "The trip" tomorrow.