Saturday, July 26, 2008

Silly Parker

I love this one! "Put your Hands Up!"
I just had to add some pictures of Parker. He is seriously one of the funniest kids i know. I wonder where he gets it from??


I am a craigslist Addict. Everyday I go on and check the furniture section to find new treasure. i have been looking for a dining table for a while, I didn't want you regular set that everyone has. I wanted one that had a story and I could fix up and make my own.

Well, yesterday I found my match. The dining set is 100 years old! The lady I "adopted" it from told me it had been passed down in her family. it was pretty worn and looked 100 years old. Perfect! So for practically free I got exactly what I wanted. I woke up early this morning sanded it, stained it and re-upholstered it. I am pretty proud of how it turned out!

(Oh and the other picture is of a mirror I got for $20..It was originally $100.00!!!)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I am getting OLD!

One of my biggest fears is getting old. Let me clarify, not like age old...I mean like "the way my grandma acts" old. Lately I have been realizing my grandma and I are becoming more and more alike!! YIKES!
A. I am going Blind! I can barely watch TV anymore, everything is so blurry. I wake up with a headache and I go to bed with a headache!
B. There is one candy that I remember my Grandma constantly ate...Circus Peanuts! She would even open the bag in the store and start munching on them, then when she got up to the register she would say a mouse got into them!!! So embarrassing! Bobby can't stand these marvelous candies. But for some reason I LOVE THEM! Yes, another obsession. (Note: To make me happy give me a box of Altoids and Circus Peanuts.)

I am afraid with the way this is heading...I am going to lose my mind...LITERALLY! Luckily, Bobby says that he loves me no matter what, even if I turn into Grandma!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I think it's time for A.A.....Altoids Anonymous

Anyone who truly knows me, knows I am obsessed with Altoids. I don't really like chocolate, candy or cookies...i crave peppermint or wintergreen altoids all day!

It all started when I was in the Fifth grade my teacher, Miss Kelpe always had a tin on her desk. I always thought it looked cool, but had never had one before. I used to talk too much in class so she would always make my desk an "island" and put me secluded by her desk. One day while she was reading The Chronicles of Narnia to the class, I spotted that cool looking altoid box on her I opened it and snuck one out. I think I ate about half the box...I was instantly hooked. By lunch I felt guilty and told my teacher what I did. I was a thief, I thought...she going to call my parents and I am going to jail...I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE! After I told her she sent me to study hall and moved me away from her desk. The next day I was so nervous to face my teacher. To my surprise when I got to school, on my desk were two boxes of Altoids..wintergreen and peppermint.

Since that day of tasting my first Altoid, I haven't gone one day without one! No joke! I used to eat two boxes a day...but Bobby hated it and told me I had to cut down. So now he holds the boxes for me and I am only allowed one box a week, and three Altoids at a time. Sick ...I KNOW! Instead of drugs or alcohol my addiction is Altoids. The reason I am writing about this is because I ate two boxes today...and I feel guilty!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I have been married for Three Years Today! Wow! Bobby and I have been "together" for 5 years...since we were 16 years old! I don't remember what it was like before him. Weird!

Here is a little history... We met at CART a separate school from our "homes schools". We were in a Law class together. I still remember what he was wearing the first time I saw him! He was such a goof ball. He thought he was so funny, he tried to impress me with his humor...that didn't work! The first time I even gave him the time of day was when my friends and I went to lunch at In-N-Out after school, he was there... I went to fill up my soda. He came up to me and said, " Dr. Pepper Aye." HaHa! I looked at him in disgust and said, " Did you really just say that to me...WOW, LOSER!" I was so mean to him! I actually ignored him for two months. One day he followed me to lunch at Wendy's. One minute I went to wash my hands in the bathroom, when I came out he was sitting at my table! When I sat down he bluntly asked me, " Why don't you like me?" I explained to him that his humor was annoying sometimes...and he didn't need to be funny all the time. (I don't think I have heard him tell a joke since!!) Before we left he asked me for my number...I wrote it down on a Wendy's napkin. (He still has that napkin) That night we talked on the phone for 3 hours! About two weeks after we spoke on the phone...I knew I was going to marry him.

We got married July 15, 2005, one month after I graduated High School. Our wedding was hilarious. Bobby actually doesn't like to think about it or a talk about it. We are both sad we didn't do it the right way, by getting married in the Temple first. (We are planning on being sealed by the end of this year. We are going to have a re-do, since we never had a reception.) Fast forward to now, we have a beautiful son and love our lives. I love Bobby with all of my heart. I know we were meant for each other and I know we will be together forever! I am just so grateful that I had the chance to find my eternal best friend!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Satisfying Saturday!

So, My mom came to visit me in Rocklin for the weekend. Today we got up bright and early to go to a Roseville Flea Market. It was amazing! It was like 67 acres of goodies! Some things old, Somethings new! I found so many treasures! I put alot of them up already in my house ( some are in the pictures above)

After the flea market we went home to get Bobby and Parker, we drove to Auburn which is about 15 min away from my house. It is an old mining town. So cute! ( My mom will have pics on her blog) There are so many cute shops and antique stores. Bobby and Parker hung in there for us! I got so many ideas for the shop I want to open. ( It has always been a dream of mine, just need the money to fund the dream now!) It was a very fun day. I also added some cute pictures of Parker and my cat Ruby! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My husband thinks he's Ken Barbie!

So last night my hubby and I went to Longs, our favorite place to spend money on stupid things we don't need...ANYWAYS. When we got home I started to unload and I found spray tanner...?? I didn't buy I asked Bobby if he got it. He immediately put his defense shield up and kept spouting off, " You always make fun of how white I am and I need a tan." He took his "fake" tanner into the bathroom and when he came out he looked better?? Ha! I think he should go back to being my white Irish man or go outside and get a real tan. Luckily Parker was born with my olive skin color. (Pat on the back)

Today we went to Parker's new Dr. Boy did we luck out! He is one of the nicest smartest doctors I have ever talked to. He answered all of our questions and MORE! We haven't had very good luck with doctors in the past and I think all of our praying is working!! His staff was so nice too...they even got us in to see a new audiologist in two weeks. Usually it has taken 3 months to get an appointment. But, unfortunately Parker had to get 4 shots, so sad...but they gave him a really cute touchy feely book because he was so brave! We also found out that he is short for his age! I feel like I gave Parker all of the bad genes! Well all in all it was a very good appointment! Heavenly Father is really watching over our family.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Just another smokey day!

Parker and the Cat (Ruby-she has a name now thanks to Kristi)have been getting into alot of trouble lately. He likes to pull his book shelf apart and sit in it, sit in her litter box, try to eat her food...and the list keeps on going! He is a very active boy!

Yes, Ruby can read.

Parker being as cute as usual!

So there has been so many fires lately in CA and I feel like they are all near me! I had to take a picture of what it looks like outside...HORRIBLE! It has been like this for about three weeks! In the picture all you can see is the field, past that field is a highway and a casino...there aren't visible! Crazy Gross!

The other pictures are just random ones of Parker being Parker. Tomorrow we have an Appointment with his new Dr. and we will find out the time line for his Cochlear Implants. Exciting!

Monday, July 7, 2008

The No-Named Cat

I keep forgetting to post about my new kitten. My loving husband let me get a Persian kitten about two weeks ago. She still doesn't have a name...I keep changing my mind. The cat and Parker love each other, she tags along with him and he follows her. He is actually quite gentle with her, which is surprising to me. So if you have any suggestions of names PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO TELL ME!

The trip to FresNO!

The visit to Fresno was pretty successful. Bobby,Parker and I loved being able to chat with the extended family on fourth of July. We went to my Aunt Laurie's house and swam ate BBQ and lit about a million fireworks. Parker loved them fireworks. I never thought i would say this but, for once I kinda of envied the fact he was deaf. Is it just me or is the fireworks getting smaller and smaller each year? When I was little I remember them shooting up high, all they do now is make annoying loud screechy sounds.

My dad surprised all of us by getting tickets to the American Idol concert at the Save Mart center. The concert was unbelievable. Oh, and our seats were amazing...I could like count the hairs on their head. I think its safe to say that when David Archuleta came out we almost lost it! HaHa! After the concert we were starving and went to Round Table Pizza and the lady working thought we were cute so she gave us a good deal on a huge pizza. It was fun. The drive back to Rocklin felt like it took forever but I was very happy to get home!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Off to the "No"

ROAD TRIP! We are off to the hometown for the week. It will probably be interesting, I am sure I will have a good story to tell when I get back!